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Visualize data with our easy-to-use mapping tool


Visualize data with our easy-to-use mapping tool.

Demographic variables and GIS data related to growing or expanding in Abbotsford.

What we do

The City of Abbotsford Economic Development serves Abbotsford businesses and attracts new ones. Think of us as ambassadors for economic growth and business development.

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Investing in Abbotsford

Global Access – Planes, Trains and Automobiles. Abbotsford’s strategic location, 45 minutes from Canada’s Pacific coast places us at the commercial crossroads of Asia-Pacific and North America. Abbotsford is beside the US border at Washington State, with two border crossings for easy transportation of goods.

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Business Retention and Expansion

The City of Abbotsford Economic Development team supports business growth in the community by having an active and consistent Business Retention & Expansion program. With Abbotsford’s continued growth predicted, there has never been a better time to expand your business operations in our community...

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Nothing tells a better story than their people

Nav Sangha

Abbotsford’s location is right next to the border as well as the port, which helps us get our product anywhere in the world. Also, we have a lot of industries here to support our manufacturing. If a saw breaks down at the mill, we’re not going two hours out of the bush to get it sharpened, we’ve got a guy right next door that can do that for us.

Nav Sangha North American Forest Products
Bill Vanderkooi

I think Abbotsford is poised for growth again because of its location, diversity and proximity to export markets. Abbotsford is the hub of innovation for the Fraser Valley.

Bill Vanderkooi Nutriva Group
Dave Ziemann

In my move to BC from Ontario and starting a new business in Abbotsford, I was impressed immediately by the warm welcome I received from the Economic Development Team. They introduced personally to the mayor and other department heads of the city, each of them extending the same friendly greeting. The team has been very accessible as a resource during my start-up. It was a great first impression and I look forward to building a thriving rubber company in Abbotsford! Thanks!

Dave Ziemann Summit Rubber & Coatings